Monday, December 3, 2012

Brookyn Documentaries Screening on December 7th, 2012 at the Brooklyn Historical Society

Barbra Streisand

Brooklyn-Dynamics; Converging Lives  on Film

The December 7th 2012 Brooklyn Film & Arts Festival screening of “Brooklyn-Dynamics;  Converging Lives  on Film” presentation in partnership with the Brooklyn Historical Society will present a rich mix of legendary Brooklyn icons,  spontaneous dancing Russians, and other charismatic Brooklynites.  

Kevin Burns, director of "I Remember Barbra" will speak with the audience about the making of his extraordinary documentary and about Barbra Streisand , a Brooklyn legend.

  The screening will be held at 7:00 pm at the Brooklyn Historical Society located at128 Pierrepont Street, Brooklyn, NY 11201

I Remember Barbra 

 Directed by Kevin Burns.

  Director Kevin Burns connects with Brooklynites of all stripes as they weigh-in on the legendary Barbra Streisand they once knew. Opinionated hairdressers, former schoolmates, music aficionados, beachgoers, cops, look-alikes, and others analyze and speculate about Barbra, and the influence of her Brooklyn-roots on the development of her show-biz persona and the iconic legend.

Kevin Burns will be join us at the screening to speak about Barbra Steisand and the memories of the making of the legend in her Flatbush neighborhood.

(Presented in partnership with the Brooklyn Public Library's Brooklyn Collection.)

The Hole

Directed by Courtney Sell and Billy Feldman.

 Consisting of five blocks around the Brooklyn-Queens border, 'The Hole' or sometimes referred to as 'The Jewel Streets', is a a neighborhood full of contradiction and mystery, an area lost in time, evoking images of both the Wild West and a post-apocalyptic future. Thirty feet below sea level, home to the Federation of Black Cowboys of New York. 
An antithesis of glossy New York City, 'The Jewel Streets' area is a surreal landscape consisting of abandoned homes, broken down vehicles, and swampy patches of open land where chickens run free and Cowboys patrol on horseback. The surrealism lies in the fact that just twenty minutes away, resides one of the biggest and most powerful cities in the world

iDance video with Russians on Brooklyn Bridge

 Directed by Renat Zarbailov.

Spontaneous music video was shot on July 23, 2008 on the Brooklyn bridge, NYC.
Yulya, Lena, Olga, and Nikita were offered  to shoot this iDance without any
preparation or rehearsal. The dancing Russian young women take off dancing across the Brooklyn Bridge in an inspired carefree improvisational whirlwind while intertwining with tourists on the famed walkway.  

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