Friday, January 24, 2020

2019 Brooklyn Non-Fiction Prize Finalists

The following are the essayists who have been selected as the 2019 Brooklyn Non-Fiction Prize Finalists.

Mark Berger               -  “Power to the People” 

Melissa Matthews   -  “I’m Not a Kid Anymore”
Wayne Judge -               “Julie’s New Chevy”

Israela Margalit                   “Relic of the Future”

Loretta Masullo Comfort  -  “ 4th Street Memoir”

Bill Teitelbaum         “The Abduction of Carmela Branca” 
Cheryl Abel         -   “Tony Versus the Lemons”

Dallas Itzen           -    “Prompted”

Rebecca Kreiser –-  “A Tomato Grows in Brooklyn”

Jim Loughead      “Memories of Brooklyn and the Bottle”

Phyllis DeMarco    “The French Café”

Mel King               - “Bergen Street”

Bill McKitty        -  “An Afternoon in Flatbush”

Kierra Watson    -   “Afflicted Sun”
Gregg Willard        -      “MHW

Matthue Roth            -   Reasons for Restaurants” 

Sarah Xerar Murphy – “Rubble and the Sparkler: A Brooklyn Story

  Colin McGinnis       -  “Where art thou Brooklyn”

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