Sunday, December 13, 2015

2015 Brooklyn Non-Fiction Prize Finalists

                                  2015 Brooklyn Non-Fiction Prize Finalists

Gala Mukomolova  - “Every Psychic In The City Of Our Love Says We're No

Stefanie Joshua – “A Bushwick Story

Andrea Della Monica  -  Ballads Beer and a Bus

Marcia Greenwald -  Coincidence is God’s way of Staying Anonymous

Michael Weinstock – “Laundromat Jail”

William Lannigan -  Muggsy, The Big Fat Fellow on a Horse and Other Amazing Adventures

Adam Warwinsky  - Strangers Saved My Life 

Clifford Genece -  A Fraud in Brooklyn

Ben Phillipe – “Hard Home

Julia Conrad – “For Real

Michelle Gabay -  Small Town Brooklyn

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