Saturday, December 31, 2016

2016 Brooklyn Non-Fiction Prize Finalists and Semi-Finalists

2016 Brooklyn Non-Fiction Prize Finalists

Joshua Schwartzauthor of  Anticipation

Joseph Nielsen, author of  How to Pick a Fight on the Subway and Not Die

Yesenia Flores Diaz, author of “Abuela, My Redeemer"

2016 Brooklyn Non-Fiction Prize Semi-Finalists

Teresa Hartmann - "5/11/06 (Technically 5/12)" Read by Kaneza Schaal

Joseph P. Griffith - "No Day at The Beach"

Peter Swet - Carpe Non Diem, A Moment Not Seized - Read by Jim Thesing

Richard Jefferson -  "My Peculiar Neighbors"

Danielle James - Frayed

Jaliyah Dowtin - "Brooklyn What A Place"

 William J. Lannigan – "Dahill Road"  

Vanessa Martir - "Remembering My Brooklyn"

Jonathan Segol - "Don't Try This At Home"

Anthony J. Rubino - "Brooklyn, Circa 1970's"

Elisa Estrella  -  El Barrio (The Hood

Richard Vetere -  The Real North 8th Street Romance"

Elizabeth Papazian -  Queen of Fourth Avenue

Ira Goldstein  - "The Higher You Jump" 

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